18 Pictures Prove That Cats Are Fluid

  • Cat-01
    Cat in a jar.
  • Cat-02
    Cat in a bowl #2.
  • Cat-03
    Ying-Yang cats.
  • Cat-04
    Cat in a box.
  • Cat-05
    Cat in an egg carton.
  • Cat-06
    Cat in a bowl.
  • Cat-07
    This cat doesn't know how big he is.
  • Cat-08
    Cat in a laptop bag
  • Cat-09
    This one's a perfect fit.
  • Cat-10
  • Cat-11
  • Cat-12
  • Cat-13
  • Cat-14
  • Cat-15
    If this cat lost a bit of weight, he could fit in there perfectly.
  • Cat-16
    That position looks uncomfortable to say the least.
  • Cat-17
  • Cat-18

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know that they like to hide in all sorts of tight spots. I never understood that obsession and I don’t think anyone one knows for sure why they do it.
Anyway, some of the cats in the pictures below have mastered the art of disappearing in the most impossible places, while others… not so much. Take a look:

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