Author: tudorpositive

How to Avoid Black Friday Madness

Black Friday is past us, but I hear there’s another one coming next year, so these might come in handy. Every year people trample over each other rushing into their favorite store so they...

World’s Most Extreme Selfies

This is a collection of the world’s most extreme selfies ever taken. Each and every one of them is breathtaking to say the least. Try not to get vertigo when looking at them.

Design Fails That Leave You Speechless???

I’m not sure if any of these design disasters were intentional; whether or not they were created like this on purpose, these things are painfully hilarious. Or hilariously painful.

Kim Kardashian’s Butt Broke the Internet

As you probably heard a thousand times by now, Paper magazine published some fant-ass-tic pictures of Kim showing way too much skin, and even more baby oil or some other chemical meant to make...

Dumbest Criminals in The World

The title is self-explanatory – these people have pushed the limits of stupidity beyond the unimaginable. WARNING – some of these stories, however tragic, might cause uncontrollable laughter.  

10 Fake Health Foods You Need to Avoid

While food companies’ purpose should be to feed us (duh!), something must’ve gone wrong at some point because it seems to me that their actual purpose is to make money at any cost. And...