Bill Maher Lit a Joint on Live TV and Discussed Marijuana Legalization

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Video via Real Time With Bill Maher

Although marijuana has been legalized in four US states, supporters shouldn’t get too excited.

Assuming that nation-wide legalization is something that will happen on its own is just that – an assumption.

Bill gives a few sobering examples in this video, right after he warns us to stop treating the progress made so far as if we could never lose it.

The most brutal example he brings up is that since 1991, 85% of all abortion clinics have closed.

In certain states, women who make this painful choice have to travel long distances and jump through unreasonable hoops before having the procedure performed.

Maher brings up what is probably one of the biggest reasons why legalization isn’t moving forward: money. Certain organizations would stand to lose from nation-wide legalization, and they get named in the video.

Watch the video to hear about other absurd and painful consequences of this drug being legal in some states and illegal in others.


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