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Insane Skiing Video Will Leave You Breathless

One of the world’s best skiers, Candide Thovex, calmly sips a cup of tea before going on the fastest, scariest ski rides you’ve ever watched. If you thing the somersaults and flips are breath-taking, wait until...

Funny Letters To Santa

Some of these Santa letters are funny, while others are plain threat letters. One little dude even uses the word “consequences”. You *have* to see it to believe it.

10+ Hilariously Wrong Children’s Drawings

Kids do say (and sometimes draw) the funniest things. But sometimes their drawings do border the inappropriate and even cross that line in a hurry. Here are a few examples we put together for...

How to Avoid Black Friday Madness

Black Friday is past us, but I hear there’s another one coming next year, so these might come in handy. Every year people trample over each other rushing into their favorite store so they...

World’s Most Extreme Selfies

This is a collection of the world’s most extreme selfies ever taken. Each and every one of them is breathtaking to say the least. Try not to get vertigo when looking at them.