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Christmas Sweaters That Went Too Far

Some call it the happiest time of the year; Christmas comes with gifts, time with the family and friends, Christmas cards and pictures, and hopefully some snow and no fender benders. One item that...

Design Fails That Leave You Speechless???

I’m not sure if any of these design disasters were intentional; whether or not they were created like this on purpose, these things are painfully hilarious. Or hilariously painful.

Dumbest Criminals in The World

The title is self-explanatory – these people have pushed the limits of stupidity beyond the unimaginable. WARNING – some of these stories, however tragic, might cause uncontrollable laughter.  

Creepy Toys You’ll Wish You Never Saw

It’s safe to assume that there are some people out there who played with such toys when they were kids. If that’s true, then it’s also safe to assume that certain psych-therapists got rich...

Creepy Logo #1 - Arlington Pediatric Center

Creepy Logos That Scared the Hell Out of Me

After looking at any of these logos, one must assume that money changed hands when they were done, and someone (who probably gets paid to do this) put their stamp of approval on them,...