Ebola Tweets Prove Stupidity is Like The Universe: Infinite

In the past few months the word Ebola has been mentioned in the news more often than Isis. While the issue is more than serious, we believe it is not a reason to spread panic and hysteria but rather to stay calm and be as informed as possible.

The following tweets are proof that some people have chosen to let the new Ebola scare become an opportunity to display how informed (or not!) they are.

Brace yourselves, this is gonna be rough.

Here we go:

Someone Please Explain

This gender-biased question.

Sherlock Holmes Nailed It

Someone give this guy a cookie. He found out who’s behind Ebola.

No Way

Someone needs to go back to school.

Napalm Is the Solution

Todd has a point. They just need to use that selective version of Napalm that worked so well in Vietnam.

More Ebola Facts

If they’re aware of anything, it has nothing to do with Ebola.

Lysol is The Solution

I wish I would have thought of that. It’s so simple it’s brilliant.

Is Ebola Bad for You - Honest Question

Yes it is, but only if you get it.

Farting And Ebola

The kind of question that will keep you up at night.

Execute People to Save Lives

Human execution will save lives. Makes sense. We recommend using AK-47. Saving lives since 1938.


So much fun packed in a short tweet. I love her!

Ebola Is a Form of Population Control

Chris Brown. I think I heard something about him before. Now he gave us something to remember him by.

Ebola Attacks

I’d love to hear Todd’s explanation on that 98%. Will be back with an update as soon as we get it.

Bowling with Ebola

Oh crap. I was just gonna go out bowling with Ebola. Now I need to make other plans. This sucks.

Blame Obama

Well, he did promise to exterminate the population when he got elected, didn’t he?

A Positive Twist on Ebola

Lamar, you got it my man! Let us know how that works out for ya.

Someone Please Explain

We posted this one twice to see if you’re paying attention.

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