Stupid Miracle Foods Myths You Need to Know Right Now: Lemon Zest

Lemon-zestThis one has been circulating the Internet since before Facebook was invented. Ok, not that long but you get the idea. Here’s what the claims are:

Sprinkling frozen lemon zest on your food or ingesting it directly is going to cure cancer. Reason: frozen lemon zest is 10,000 times more powerful than chemotherapy when it comes to killing cancer cells.

Why don’t all cancer patients stop doing chemo and switch to lemon zest? because the drug companies have closely guarded this secret for years, making sure you and I don’t know about it. Once the secret is out, they will definitely become bankrupt. Makes sense, right?

Although lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C, that does not make the above claims true. Yes, several scientific papers do conclude that lemons provide certain benefits that might help ward off cancer; they contain flavonoids, limonoids and carotenoids. Citrus flavonoids do have anti-oxidant properties and are anti-inflammatory as well. Limonoids are also distributed throughout the entire body and have some beneficial effects.

While these beneficial effects are supported by medical studies, none of them suggest that lemon zest (especially frozen!!!) are 10,000 times more powerful that chemotherapy. ThingsPositive believes that spreading such rumors is irresponsible.
So if you want to stay healthy, go ahead and drink your water lemon, and offer it to your loved ones as a replacement for Coke (which by the way will burn a hole through their stomach and make a steak disappear overnight if soaked in it). We’ll deal with that Coke myth in another post; until then, let’s just say that there’s some Coke myths that are just as stupid and they’re begging to be debunked. Until then, you’re ok to drink your Coke. It might make you sick but you already knew that.

Back to lemon and its properties, there are several studies from reputable sources that confirm what I stated above. Please note that reputable does not mean chain email, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest.

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