Two Ontario Girls Are Changing The World One Book At A Time

Julia-EmmaTwo teenage sisters from Oakville, Ontario, Canada, are on a mission to change the world. It all started with a study from the University of Nevada, showing that having books in the home increased the level of education in young children. The study showed that having twenty or more books in the home had a tremendous impact in propelling the children to higher levels of education. In addition, they found that the more books people had in the house, the greater the benefit in terms of advancing their education.

Emma and Julia had always had a passion for reading. They started sharing their passion by purchasing books at local discount stores and second hand locations, so they could later donate them to Northern Ontario communities.

The two sisters found out that a previous program, Aboriginal Summer Reading Book Drive, led by the provincial government, had been cancelled. This was the beginning of Books With No Bounds.

Long story short, to this date, Emma and Julia’s organization shipped over 62,500 books to communities in Northern Ontario. Books With No Bounds continues to open new channels of communication between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal youth, by involving school boards and organizations in their projects. Further more, Porter Airlines and Wasaya Airways have generously facilitated their reach to fly-in communities of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation in Northern Ontario.

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